Inclusion Tee​​​​​​​
Media: apparel design, art direction, branding
When: 2018 (2 months)
Client: Self-initiated / entrepreneurial
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
Goal: Through apparel, express one’s individual responsibility for creating an inclusive environment
In 2018 we started out as clothing brand called ntrsct, which has evolved into an independent design business.

The logomark emerged from our fascination with the numerous aspects of one’s identity and finding ways to embrace them. An X is the simplest expression of an intersection, symbolizing the point where the many elements of our identity meet.

Black and white in the graphic symbolize the (illusion of) maximum contrast of our differences. While Virgil Abloh’s brand Off-White stands for the grey area between black and white, We see it differently. To us, black is white.

The Inclüsion Tee was the best-selling product while running the clothing brand.

The late Virgil Abloh was the catalyst for out interest in design. One person can change your whole life. RIP Virgil Abloh (1980–2021)
Company Logo
It starts with yoü.
We chose the German character, ü (u-umlaut), to symbolize the viewer (you) being the source of an inclusive environment—an ode to the reunification of East and West Germany after WWII. It also looks like a smiley face!

This graphic resonated with us at a time when political and social issues were polarizing the American people.
From sketch to reality. The figure-ground ambiguity of the X was a happy accident while working in Adobe Illustrator.
Final graphic

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