Brand Identity

Your logo is the first impression of your business, make sure it’s the right one

Is this for me?
In an increasingly digital world, most of your customers will find you online before they ever interact with you in person. Your business should look as valuable as the products and services you offer. People do judge a book by its cover. Small businesses are no different.

Is your business appealing to the right types of customers?
How will a brand identity help?
Most people refer to brand identity as branding or a logo, it's the heart of your brand identity. When designing a brand identity, we create a customized design system for your business needs.

– Perceived as a professional/expert brand

– Appeal to your ideal customer

– Differentiate from the competition
What's included?
For most businesses, we start with the following brand identity package:

1. Designing a logo system (including colors & typography)
2. Logo files for digital and print use
3. A style guide to ensure brand consistency
4. Social media icons

That's just the beginning! Based on the needs of your business, we can work together to create additional graphics as needed. These may include graphics for your website, social media templates, presentations, documents, apparel, packaging, and more!
Recent Collaborations
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To see our results in action, take a look at our case studies.
Take Action: look the part
Enough is enough. Your business deserves to thrive, and we’re here to help. Let’s create a professional brand for your business. Schedule a Zoom call with us and tell us what you're up to!
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